(now includes
Group Composite)

Creates a composite of images of any size up to 40x30 inches with fully automated composition, image and font scaling.  The school details (Composite Heading) can be printed on top of the Composite or on any row except the last one.
(see our our on-line tutorials)

Composites can be created for School Graduation, Class Groups, Church Groups, Sports Groups, Corporate Executive Groups, Sales Groups, Marching bands, Military Organizations and more. They can be used for any group occasion where individual pictures are available.  No need to print names if you just want images.  

If you already have text files that are delimited ( comma or tab) then use the Import a Text file function under File.

Composite+ (see sample below) creates individualised composites for all individuals in the text file with the individual's Picture enlarged and highlighted. The highlighted Picture can be placed in the left corner, centered or on the right corner.

Using a comma delimited text file (CSV) with student information and a folder of student images, creates a composite image of individuals included in the text file  and adds individual names under each image. Composition is automatic including font sizing and ordering of individuals by name (specific positioning can be done within the text file).  A title of three lines, each with independent font and color, can be added. Composite Image size can be up to 40x40  inches or up to 400 DPI depending on computer resources. Add centered Images spaces on up to 4 different rows from the main screen.  Background scenes can be added to the composite (as shown below)  Note that because of security and privacy concerns duplicate images were used to create the composite. In reality, all images would be different.

Composite also provides a testing facility to create composites of any size composed of any number of images of any aspect ration. Just click on File\Create Sample Composite and set the data required on the Yellow Pop-up screen and click on Create Composite. No images or text required. Save a lot of time when creating large composites.

Create a Composite in 2 Minutes
1. Select Your Folder of Images (should have 10 or more)
2. Select Print File Names option
3. Click on Create Composite and then OK

Sample Screen Shot

Sample Composite


Sample Composite +
Centered Highlighted Individual

Sample of Composite with Framing and Text printed on Bottom
(note This is a sample created with File\Create Sample Composite )

Create a Composite using Composite Demo Files

The Demo version of Graduation Composite contains sample files with which you can easily create your first Composite

Files Included:
Folder - Composite Demo Files
    Contains 2 images to be used in the creation of the Composite
    Contains two Graduation Text files - 25 students and 75 Students.
Folder- Backgrounds
    Contains Sample Images to be used as background

After installation of the Composite software, Start up the program and

1. Select the "Composite Demo Files" folder by clicking the Drive and Directory items on the right of the screen (see screen shot below)
2. Click on Create Composite
3. When asked, Select  one of the text files graduation 25 pics.txt or Graduation 75 pics.txt
4. The Composite will be created and you will be presented with a preview of the output.
    Note that in this preview there are only two different pictures.  In reality, there would be a picture for each individual.
5. Close the Preview window
6. Save the composite for later viewing or manipulating.
If you want to add a background:
click on Use Background after step 1.
Click on Create Composite. When asked, select the  Backgrounds folder and an image to use  as background
then follow steps 3 to 6