Hotid is a tethered ID card system which produces 3 3.8 x 2 1.8 ID cards for PVC Printers. IDs can be printed automatically or reviewed before printing. Student information is required and must be in the following format: Lastname,Firstname,ID,Grade,Teacher (e.g. Smith,James,1234567,12,Mr Jones) and is loaded into Hot ID before shooting is done. The student record is found either by typing the ID to be searched in the search box or by scanning the ID from a Camera Card. Once the data is displayed, the subject is shot and the id is created immediately.It can be reviewed before printing or printed at in real time.

The ID data consists of 4 lines of text for the School/Year information and the student's information. A bar coded ID can be printed on the ID card. Any background file can be selected to be placed on the background of the ID.

HotID uses a Hot Folder to process images as they are taken. The original Images are copied into c:\hotidback folder and then deleted from the hot folder after processing. The image name is added to the student data and the record is saved into c:\hotidback\hotiddata.txt file as (lastname,firstname,ID,Grade,Teacher,image.jpg) This file can be used to batch process id cards.

Hot ID also allows the creation of Single ID Cards or all ID Cards using previously stored information containing the Image name. This is useful to reproduce cards that are lost.

HotID Screen Shot

Hot ID Single Card Production