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Alert ID Alert ID produces a Parent/Guardian Child ID containing descriptive vital information that is pertinent in the case of a Missing Child. The information is provided in a text file. 1 to 10 Duplicate ID cards can be produced for each subject. ID's are produced in batch mode for all subjects in the text file (one per line). In addition to the vital information, space is provide to apply a thumbprint on the card. Output can be printed on standard Business Card Stock 3x2.5 10 up, on an 8x10 JPG 10 up , as a single 3x2.5 jpg. All output is at 300DPI. 3.5x2 Jpg can include Lastname Firstname in file name.


Create  Bookmarks  using a generic  mask or create your own backgrounds.  Can Create Generic bookmarks for a whole folder of Images, A Single set of bookmarks for one Image or a number of bookmarks for a list of individuals in a text file.  Bookmarks can be printed or produced as an 10x 7 JPG file @300DPI



Calendar can add a  12 month calendar to the bottom of any image (or append in a white square); Produce wall calendar of any month and year and your images and   produce a  month at a view 8.5 x 11 planner



Create A Calendar for all individuals in a Folder with or without names.

Camera Cards Using a text file as input, Creates Camera Cards with Subject information and Bar Code


Create Certificates for all occasions.  Totally flexible in fonts and colors as well as  able to add any background of your choice to the Certificate.  Output can be printed ot produces as a 10 x 8 JPG image @300dpi



Convert was created to provide a quick batch conversion function from   *.gif; *.bmp; *.tga; *.tif; *.lbm; *.pcx; *.ras; *.png; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.jif; *.rle and *.psd  TO  *.tif, *.jpg or *.bmp.   Just select a folder of images, select the output format and click on Convert all Images from the source folder to the destination folder. This is a must for those that have laser/led printers that only accept TIFF files.
This is a FREE product. Download it from the Download Section.



Create School or Corporate Composites with little manual effort and time wasted.  Virtually unlimited number of Photos, Automatic Composition and scaling.  Photos are sorted in alphabetical name order and can be positioned specifically if necessary. Output can be a JPG file of up to 40x40 inches @250DPI. Composite+ Creates a composite for each individual with the individual's image Enlarged in the top left corner.


Group Composite

Create a Grop Composite with any Group photo ( or logo or any image) centered and individuals in two rows (above and below) and two colums (left and right) with two lines of text describing the Group. Great for Sports, Schools, Weddings, Family Group Pictures, or any gathering.



Event Order processing provides Customers with all the functions required to select  Event Photos and associated packages for on-site ordering.  Using a computer (or a network of computers) with access to folders containing the event photos, Customers can select images and create orders immediately. Processing of orders and photos can be done on site with proper printing equipment or processed at a later time.  Shopping cart files and Order files are created  as text files for easy access.  All Shopping  Cart and Order numbers are unique with numbers generated automatically for each computer being used.

Fantasy With Fantasy, you can produce interesting products: Green Screen Processing, Overlay Processing, Both Green Screen and Overlay or just plain prints at 5x7, 4x6 and 8x10. The process can be manual or Hot with a tethered Camera

Folder Copy

Copies  and entire folder structure and  either copies or copies and resizes all JPG files to the new structire



Do you shoot green screen (or any other color)?. Then this product is a must.   Shoot your subjects and design the background.  Green screen overlays the all of the subject in a selected folder onto the background - automatically!

HotCapture Tethered capture of images and link them to Names from a text file


Produce PVC Ids instantly on site with a tethered Camera and a PVC ID printer. You can also batch process ID's and produce single ID's a required.


Hot Print

Print 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 instantly from a Hot Folder on-site.


Hot Proof

On-site processing with Hotproof can increase your  impulse sales.  Create an order form on 8.5x11 with your ordering information and place the orders into your printer.  Just copy a photo into the hot folder and it will be printed on your order form in the size and location that you chose.  A due date and the image name (in 3of9 Barcode as well will be printed



Create Single Sided ID cards with student Photo and information and 3of9 barcode in three formats: 1) Single sided 2) double sided and 3 Parent/Guardian and student.  Background and logos can be added



Create Single Card ID's for PVC card Printers. Portrait or Landcape cards with flexible Text and image layout and with backgrounds.



Special program created  to International Laminating's specifications to mass produce PVC ID Cards at a quite reasonable production cost (.25 us per card).


Image Processing

A batch processing function that eliminates the manual effort to rotate, resize, adjust images.  A complete folder of Images can be processed with a few clicks of the mouse.
Input file formats: GIF, BMP ,TGA TIF, LBM, PCX, RAS, PNG, JPG, JPEG, JIF , and RLE  Output Format JPG.



Laborder  was created to facilitate the storing and manipulation of data relating to photo orders from schools or other organizations. Information is stored in the central database and the images relating to the current jobs can be stored by job in separate job folders under the root drive (e.g c:\job1 or in a main folder mapped to a drive). Data entry has been simplified to ease the use of loading the new job into the database and modifying the data.  Included are comprehensive Search and reporting facilities. Basic Job records can be created from your images in your job folder with Job Name, School Name added to each record.  Smooth and easy data entry of student details using "copy fields from last record" function saves time and keying effort. Student images are automatically displayed as you navigate through the records. A text file merge function is also integrated to ease data entry if you already have data in a CSV (delimited text file). 

LabSeniors Labseniors was designed to provide the flexibility of capturing multiple images (poses) per subject for those photographers who photograph seniors at school sites. The basic data for seniors can be imported from a text file provided by the school. Then camera cards can be printed and used for the shoot(s). Data is stored by Job, School and Class of. See the details on the screen sample below. Much of the functionality of Laborder has been included.


Mugbook produces printed mug shots of individuals sorted alphabetically by last name and first name as well as major grouping such as class. The printed output can be formatted by specifying the width of the images printed. ANY size printer can be accommodated.
Similar output can be produces in 8x10 JPG images (or 'pages').
A third function is to reproduce individual images and insert the Individual's name at the bottom and sequence the images so that they can be viewed alphabetically.
A great product to have to created the input images for school yearbooks, for new teachers and the office staff



Similar to Hotproof but can print 1, 2 or 3 proofs from a pre-selected folder of images on the top left corner of  printer page  page with Image names and due date.  This is used to provide proofs to clients on site.  Using pre-printed forms provides an order form with a proof image


Order Labels

This program creates Order labels on an Avery 5163 sheet 2x5 labels for School or Sports Photos.  You can add 7 fields of text for School and 8 Fields of text for Sports.  A Bar Code is generated for either the ID or the Image name to facilitate order processing.



Overlay provides the means to create innovative products for your customers. You create the Overlay mask and, using the program, simply tell the program where the mask is and where the folder of Images is and click on create. All images in the folder will be processed with the overlay mask. Masks can be created using Photoshop or other similar products.  Your imagination is the limit here



Create over 20 different photo packages in 8x10 and 7x10 format on site and prints them on Dye-sub, Photo, or inkjet printer for higher impulse sales.   Package creates these with a few clicks of the mouse and Packprint prints the photo packages separately to improve throughput. Images can be automatically cropped to fit output format (eg 8x10 to 5x7)

Package/Overlay Create 50 different package combinations for single images, complete folder, any combination of images and packages in batch mode and also Create producs required from Event Orders files. 12 Overlay masks can be loaded and selected for each image/paclage combination


(Memory Mates)

Using a preordain background provided by you, this program takes a team picture and individual pictures and produces one image per individual for the creation of team/individual plaques. You can produce any size mask and place the images anywhere on the mask. The program needs: the location of the mask, the location of the Team image and the location of the folder where the individual singles are. The rest is automated. Just click and walk away to your other tasks



Processes all the images in a folder and adds 1) one or two lines of text and the image name or 2) First name, Last name, one line of text and the image name and reformats the output to a variety of images sizes that can be chosen as well as various output resolutions. No more mis-identified photos or wasted time. A great way to provide your customers with proofs



Creates a Proof sheet of up to 4 different poses using your background design and addresses. Output can be 4x9 JPG file ready to be inserted in a window envelope or printed on your pre-printed order form.



PSPACD Creates PSPA standard CD folder for Yearbook production.  It requires a text file of student information and a folder of source studentt images.
Images are resample and cropped to the PSPA Senior or Under Class standard.


Quick Crop

Easy cropping of images to 8x10,4x6,5x7 format with crop lines. What you see is what is cropped. Adjust Brightness, Contrast and Gamma as well if required.



File Rename was created to facilitate the renaming of files.  Note that all the files in the selected folder will be renamed.  There is an UNDO function if the renames were in error.  This is a FREE product. Download it from the Download Section.
Sequential file renaming is done using a five digit mask so that the files will remain in order when displayed in Windows.  The format is 00001.jpg 00002.jpg 00003.jpg etc.

Roster Roster Creates HTML roster on a CD that can be viewed with any browser. Good For Windows, MAC and Linux. Files can also be placed on Scholl Intranet for staff access. 210.00
SchoolCD Produces Images for School Imformation systems based on the required format. Supports formats for Power School, Infinite Campus, School Master, Sycamore and Sims.


A Student Information and Reports system which provides basic student information such as name, school, grade, class and notes for preferences and hobbies.  If images are available they can be linked to the record and displayed.  Reports can be generated: Student lists (with pictures), Individual Student records on single 8 1/2 x 11, Student ID cards (10 per page stock forms can be used) and Certificates of Achievement for individual students..  This program can be used to generate student name files for use with Graduation Image and Print.  Student data can be imported and loaded into the database using a comma delimited file.  Sir includes Certificate creation function



Create Overlay and Green Screen processes as well as printing Plain Photographs for any number of Images. Output Formats are 5x7, 2-3.5x5, 4 Mini Wallet (5x7), 4x6, 2-3x4 or 8x10 and/or have JPG files created.



Thumbprint takes all the images in a folder and prints them to a selected printer and includes the image name under each image. You select the width of the printed image and select the folder of images and the program does the rest. The output can be directed to image files (jpg) in a number of  formats. Output can be all Portrait or all Landscape. Great for providing a 'proof' book for your customers


Trader Cards

Trader was designed to easily create Trading cards using two folder of images and one text file.  Output can be JPG 2.5x3.5 single cards, 4x2 (10x7) 8 Cards, 3x3 (7.4x10.5) 9 Cards all at 400 DPI or printed outout of 3x3 on 8.5x11 standard printer stock.