Group Composite
(Now Included in Composite)

Group Composite automatically creates a Composite with a Group Image in the center (this can be a group or a Coat of arms or a Logo… whatever you wish) and a number of individuals placed in a top row, bottom row and two side columns. Use it for Top Salesman, Weddings, Family group, Sports teams, School Groups or whatever group you like.

 The setup parameters are all on the main screen and include
·    Size of the Composite
·    Size of the Group Photo
·    Options to print Names under each individual photo
·    Options to frame individual photos or create Ovals of each individual photo.
·    Set the Text to print for the Group Photo
·    Select the background file to place on the Composite first.
·    Fonts and colors for the Names and Group text.

Group Plus Automatically creates a composite and places each individual in the center with all other images placed around it in 1 row at the top and bottom and 1 or 2 colums at each side. See the sample of a GroupPlus composite below

Hockey Team Group Composite Sample

Family Group Composite Sample

Groupcomp Screen Sample


Group Plus Sample

(Note that each image would be an individual. Duplicates are used here as samples.)