Via Email

Hi John!

Just wanted to let you that I love PhotoSelect!! It is such an easy to use product and very easy to teach my sellers how to use it in a short amount of time.
The receipt that is printed out for my customers is complete with photo thumbnails of their order!

When I emailed you about an issue I had trying to remember how to download the software to another computer, you actually called
me on the phone to walk me through it! Now that’s customer service!

Thank You!

Dee Werner
PhotoEFX by Dee Weerner Studios
Expect the Exceptional

Via Email

just a quick note to thankyou for all your help and tech support for the products that I purchased Laborder/Hotcapture/pspacd and shoolcd. I thought I would let you know that the software worked perfectly without any problems and I would recommended them to everybody. For the past 35 years it would take me up to 3 weeks to deliver my packages to the schools, however with this software it has enabled me to print my own packages and produce the CD's for the schools. I delivered my first school using this software in 2 days it was so fast and easy with laborder, the principal could not believe that I was bringing back the packages within 2 days, again John thankyou for improving and speeding up my workflow by using your products

Tony Urbaniak
Urbaniak Studio and Color Lab
Lowville, New York

Via Email

Hi John,

I like to thank you for your Laborder software and the supporting software around it. I purchased
Laborder a few year back and now we do not know how we ever did without it. It is AWESOME!
Laborder along with hotcapture make our company look very professional and is very impressive
to our customer. With hotcapture, our customer love the fact that they could view their photos
before purchasing them.

We also have which is also supportive within Laborder:

Composite, Hotproof, Orderform, Hotprint Siteprint, Orderlabel, ID2, Schoolcd and others.

This shows how much we love your software.

You are also very responsive and adapt to change to further meet our company and/or customers needs.

Thanks again for making our company look good.

Jerry Hamilton
Jerry Hamilton Photography
“Setting a Higher Standard”

Via Facebook

Hey, Jean-Guy, Good to see you on FB. You may have remembered that I switched from a PC to a Mac and had to come up with a way to use Micro-Art's composite. Here is the scoop. I tried Parallels with my Intel Mac and it was very slow. I purchased another drive and installed Fusion. It was developed by VMWare. What a great difference. Other than being out another $70 + dollars; it is by far so much better. Fusion made all the difference and your software runs flawlessly on Mac with Fusion. Thanks for a great product.

Tom Miller

E-mail received

This program is fabulous (Composite)! I looked around for options for composite programs and I found this to be the most resonable priced and I am glad I chose it. The program is very user friendly. I am not particularly good with computers and the part I loved most was any issue I had I was able to email or call for help and receive one on one training immediately!
I was thrilled for with the final product and look forward to doing more work with this program!

Thanks again for all you help! :)

Virginia Skinner

E-mail received

I’ve just bought Micro-Art's Orderform and Package programs, both of which they were able to adapt to my specific needs. Both programs will greatly speed up my school photo workflow, and Package will also help eliminate errors in order processing. Micro-Art were very fast at responding to queries and making changes requested. Excellent service.
Vincent MacNamara Photography
Kill, Co. Kildare

E-mail received (Laborder was changed to allow 4 images per student)

Wow, this is exactly what I need. Sandy (Stroud) was right about you and your company. I will let all of my friends know about your software. I will be ordering in the next week or 2 at the latest. I have many things to purchase before the August 13th shoot.

Thanks for all of your help! Maybe as we pickup more accounts, we can go to hot capture.
Bennie Durham
Bennie Durham's Designer Image

E-mail received

"Hi John..I am interested in the MUG Book program..please invoice me...For this year your company has been a life saver..I have no idea if we will need to create the same products next year but I never would have been able to do what we did this year without your help. thanks"

Chris Lovegrove
Christopher Studios Bathurst NB Canada

E-mail received

"Subject: Customer Service (Composite)

Jean, This program is more than what I initially expected; you’ve gone beyond the call of customer service. Your dedication to ensuring that the program does what is advertised blows me away. I just wanted to take this time to say thanks again and you can bet that when you create a program that I need, I’ll be first in line to purchase and indorse.

Cedric A. Silas
Cascade Photography"

E-mail received

"...thanks john!

can't thank you enough. after the experiences I've had with developers the last few months trying to get this shopping cart done (I've gone through 4 by the way), I can officially say your company is in a class of its own from development to customer support and everything in between. I hope this will be the first of many more projects to come.

Mike Malone"

E-mail received

Re: Orderform tailored changes.
"... Thats great, thanks once again for all your help.
Great product, great service; does exactly what I wanted it to.
Nick James
Paramount Photography...
England "

E-mail received

"... A person can find out a geat deal about whom they are really dealing with when a problem arises. Your cooperation and willingness to help me get through the jobs last week has bolstered my confidence in you and your company. Thank you again for your help. I look forward to doing business with you again. "

Austin Brown
R&D Printing, Inc.

Tom Elliott - QuickPix - Aukland NZ

"We have recently purchased several licenses of Micro-Art's  Event-Order and Hotmove (to backup and resize our images via a wireless camera). We have found the product to suit our requirements perfectly for our event photography. Where we have needed slight modifications to suit our specific requirements, John has been able to execute the changes within a few hours of requesting. The service you'll receive from Mcro-art is truly exceptional.
Thanks John"

Pics of You
1852 Sunset Drive
Dry Fork Va. 24549

"I want to Thank you for creating the EVENT software that has increased sales as well as put our operation a step ahead of the competition. We have a total of 6 units and NEVER had a problem with any! With all the software we use Photoshop, acdcee, nik pro ect. EVENT is the ONLY software that we can count on fully. We priced out kiosks units and at approximately. $11,000.00 per unit it was out of the question. With the EVENT software, for $1200 total, we have a FULLY OPERATIONAL kiosk in and OUTSIDE our trailers.. Our  6  units operate on a wireless LAN and they operate FLAWLESSLY!!!!   Set up one at the entry, or anywhere on the grounds and watch the orders pour in!!!! If you are in the event industry EVENT is a MUST!!!!! It may sound too good to be true but I promise it WORKS!!!!!
                                                 For the small guy that shoots, sells and sorts EVENT is a PERFECT way to have a full-time employee when you are out shooting! It will show the customers their Photos., take their order, and  print  the receipt right there. All this while you are out doing what you do best.... creating memories!!!!! 
EVENT is fool proof, password protected and  TAMPERPROOF!!!!!!  A GREAT PROGRAM JEAN-GUY!!!!!!!!!!    Thank you for such a WONDERFUL product!!!! I believe it was written for me!!!!!        
            John Robinson   Pics Of You "

J.A. Stroud
Stroud Photography
8840 Centre St.
Southaven, MS  38671

"Over the last 27 years we have gone through all the traditional methods of constructing  class composites. 
With 50-60 boards to build each year, it simply became too much of a problem to assemble, crop, print and deliver the images to the artist and wait on her to finish the board. And then go through all the issues surrounding corrections . . . It simply became too much.
All this ended when we found "COMPOSITE" from Micro-Art.  Initially the program, although very workable, did not do all we needed. Micro-Art made no less that 5 major changes in the first week, BEFORE I BOUGHT THE PROGRAM !, to accomodate our needs. 
Easier organization, instant proofs for the client and total control over all parameters make "COMPOSITE" the professions photographer's choice in composite construction. 
We strongly recommend "COMPOSITE".  "

Wifred Smith (e-mail)
Monroe, LA
Nov 23 2005

"...also thanks for being a godsend for low cost professional software.
Composite software makes money. Keeps the little guy in business"

Tim Banks
Jostens Photography
Modesto, CA 95358

Jan 26, 2005

"After just purchasing Composite today, I must say I am really liking this program, I will send an email out to all the other dealers with a link to your site.  Thanks for all the help, and the quick replies to my questions. This was money worth spending."

New Paramount Studios Limited
Toronto, Ontario
Aug 2004

"Dear Jean-Guy;

For 75 years New Paramount Studios has strived to offer to its customers high quality, and creative and unique imaging. 

Your service, expertise, efficiency and knowledge have helped us achieve these photographic goals.  The Thumbprint, Mugbook, Gradimage(Composite) , Proof-it and Calendar programs have far exceeded our expectations.

Thank you for your help, and we look forward to working with you continually.


Joncarlo Lista, Proprietor"

David Reed
Legends Sports Photography
Albuquerque, NM
June 2004

"We do onsite printing with our Sports Photography business, and use laptops for customers to view and order their pictures.

We had been using a set of custom programs from a local programmer, but were frustrated with the bugs and slow support time, not to mention the yearly "fee" we were being charged.

I contacted Micro-Art after hearing about their great prices from a discussion group we belong to.  To my pleasant surprise, the experts at Micro-Art designed a program in about 5 weeks that worked perfectly for what we do.  EVENT is a program thousands of dollars less than Express Digital's Sports and Event and is extremely easy to use. We use EVENT with 1 Server license and 4 remote licenses to process our onsite orders.

Micro-Art's support is the BEST!!  We recommend you check out all their programs.  You are sure to find what you need.  And if you don't,  have them design it for you!"

Alan R. Geho President
Ralphoto Studio
Westerville, Ohio
February 2004

"I discovered Micro-Art through an e-mail from Jean-Guy Cote. I was fortunate enough to follow through and try the products he had listed on his web site.

Our studio has been in business since 1967. We switched completely to all digital 7 years ago. This was very early in the process. Consequently, we have seen and have experienced almost every type of money/time saving digital product available. The only person that has come through 100 percent is Micro-Art.

We currently use the mugbook program to create the ID books our high schools require. Our high schools have approximately 1600 students. Mugbook separates the classes and prints a beautiful alphabetical  book. We have searched for years for a product that will compete with the large out-of-state companies that dominate everyone else in our area. In Mugbook we have found our solution.

This coming year we will be using the ID2 program to create the school ID cards. We are very excited to take the huge job in-house and save money. Jean-Guy has a real working solution for our dilemma. We have been using it this year with a small Taekwondo school (400 students) and for updating the "move-ins" for high schools. It works perfectly and our schools appreciate the faster turn-around.

Thank you Micro-Art, you guys are everything you promised."

Marcus Callaway,
Renaissance Photo
Detroit Michigan
"After purchasing the Graduation Composite software from Micro-Art, I was very pleased at the quality of the output, ease of use and speed of production. It works great! The support I have received from Jean-Guy has been terrific.  When I needed help, he responded quickly with answers which were clear and directly addressed my questions.  It has been a pleasure dealing with him."

Shirley Miller

The software is working beautifully and has improved our ability to produce proofs extremely quickly. We are way ahead of last year's schedule thanks to Image processing software (Imageproc) & the  ability to print double  proofs on one page with Orderform.

Danny Neuman
Ice Photo Studios

"We do team plaques for many dozens of teams and since we have installed PlaqueF with folder recursing we save 80% of out time spent running individual teams.  PlaqueF provides a means of setting up a folder structure for all of our teams and with a few clicks of the mouse we can let the total process complete itself.  We printed 4500 8x10 plaques and 4500 2 x 3 cards on Sunday, a task that would normally  have taken a week!" Micro-Art has provided us with yet another time saving program to streamline our production.

Spectrum Photographic
Marty Merten

"I have used Imageproc for several years but started using it intensely last year to rotate and resize all my images to get them ready for hotproofing, using Hotproof, on the spot at the school.   Without this powerful program I would not have been able to photograph and produce the proofs at the same time on location.  These programs are powerful and yet easy to operate and it took only minutes to train someone to use the software and print while I was photographing. Micro-Art will also add to the programs any personal requirements one may have for only a small fee. Micro-Art  has provided upgrading the programs at no additional cost plus Micro-Art is always there with support within hours of any problems or question one has.

I have also used Graduation Composite for many years and it worked fine when my volume was very small but now with the large amount of composites I had to produce it was tedious.  After explaining the situation to Jean-Guy where the slowdown was and where I thought I had problems he said he would get back to me.  Within days he had created an updated version speeding up the process immensly and having taken care of all my concerns.  I not only did all the composites I needed to do but was way ahead of my own schedule it was so quick and efficient.  Plus I must add this was all at no cost since he felt it was improving his product.  Where else can you get such service and response -- NOWHERE!

I have been using Micro-Art  programs since 1997 and can only say they are the best and most powerful programs available at a fraction of the price one would pay for the equivilent American programs."

From Ice Photo Studios - Panoramic Aurora, Ontario
Processing Laboratory using a Polyelectronica LaserLab 2030

"All of Micro-Art's imaging software has changed the way we do business. It has saved my company hundreds of hours of processing time and contributed thousands of dollars to the bottom line. All of the programs are easy to use and training my staff took no time at all. Micro-Art's programs easily paid for themselves within a month or two. I cannot say enough about how highly I recommend them to any digital processing lab or other professional photographers."

"The batch processing capabilities of Image Process allows us to rotate, adjust brightness/contrast, gamma, and create ovals of hundreds of images at a time with a few mouse clicks instead of adjusting images individually."

"Hotproof has doubled our revenue from school pictures because the proofs can be produced on site or the next day at the latest generating many more orders from impulse purchasing."

"We used to spend about 2 weeks manually preparing just one graduation composite photo. The boards had to be created by cut and paste or manually composed using imaging software. The automatic composition and resizing and sorting of individual photos using Graduation Image has reduced our time spent to about 20 minutes per composite."

"The Creation of sports flags used to take from 5-10 minutes each or about a month for 1500 flags. Using Sports Flags, we can produce the equivalent number within a week. The cost and time savings are unbelievable!"

"We also produce about 3000 sports plaques in a season. Using the Sports Plaques software our production time is now only 25% of what it used to be."