Trading Cards

Easily create Trading Cards in image or print format using  image folders and individual statistics text file. A background Image can be placed on the back of the card to enhance it. All Fonts and Colors are changeable and the position of data can be specified. ( See Details below. )

The output can be in two formats:
1. JPG file (Front and Back)
 - 4 x 2 cards  on a 10 x 7 JPG file @400 DPI
 - 3 x 3 cards on a 7.5 x 10.5 JPG file @ 400DPI
 - Single Cards 2.5x 3.5 JPG @ 400 DPI
 - 5 Cards Side by side on 5 x 17.5 JPG @400DPI - Easyfold for Laminating
 -  4 cards Side by Side on 7 x 10 JPG @400DPI - Easyfold for Laminating
2. Printed Output
- Output can be printed on standard windows printer on 8.5 x 11.
The printed format is 3x3 cards centered on the page so that two passes can be done to print Fronts and Backs

Front                                              Back

Sample Screen Layout

The input consists of two image folders, Front Images and Back Images and a text file with one line for each individual card to be created.  The format of the text file is as follows:
The first three fields are mandatory, the remaining fields are optional.

The Stats:data fields are printed on the back of the card.  the format is xxx:yyy where xxx is the Name of the Stats (Position) and yyy is the data (Left Wing).  These two items must be separated by a colon(:) [ Position:Left Wing ] and each of these stats pairs must be seperated by a comma (,) except that last one on a line.
Example of  a text file for two individuals:

img001.jpg,img001b.jpg,Smith,John,Position:Left Wing,Age:12,Height:3'5",Weight:90LBS
img002.jpg,img002b.jpg,Brown,John,Position:Left Wing,Age:12,Height:3'5",Weight:90LBS