Regional Settings and Micro-Art Software.

Micro-Art Software was developed in English - United States Regional settings where the decimal separator is a period (.) and a group separator is a comma (,) (eg 1,000.00).  Because of the limitations in the development language, if the software is executed with a Regional Setting that uses comma(,) as decimal separator, such as France other European Countries (eg 1 000,00), the internal calculations cause either error 9 or error 13 and the results of the program are unpredictable.

In order to execute  properly, the program will ask your permission  to change the regional settings temporality, for the execution of the program, so that the period(.) will be the decimal separator and the comma (,) the group separator. These will be automatically  reset upon a normal exit of the program. 

Should the program end in error or it is terminated with the CTL-ALT-DEL function then the Regional indicators may not  be automatically reset.  Simply re-start the program and it will reset your default Regional settings.

In the unlikely event that you should have a problem with your decimal separator and group separator after running the program then go to Control Panel, Regional Settings and reset the Regional settings manually.

An alternate solution is to set your Regional Preferences to one that used period (.) for Decimal and comma(,) for group seperator such as English United States.

You can also customize your settings and keep your  Language Settings as follows. in Control Panel Click on Regional Settings Then click on Customiize then change the Decimal symbol to comma(,) and the Digit grouping symbol to space( )